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La Ofrenda

FALL 2019

La Ofrenda 

By José Casas

Directed by Ana Velazquez

OCT. 23 – NOV. 22 2019

After the tragic loss of his parents on 9/11, fourth grader Alex – Alejandro to his Abuela – is forced to leave behind the home he loves and move across the country to live with his grandmother. Struggling to connect under the weight of his grief, Alex pushes his Abuela, Marta, away. As El Día de los Muertos approaches, bridging the gap between the living and spiritual worlds, Marta must bridge the gap of grief, age, and culture between her and Alex so they may find shelter in each other.

A personal reflection of a nation grappling with tragedy and a new way forward, La Ofrenda reminds us of the importance of memory and culture as a connection to those we have lost.