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Neighborhood Bridges

ASC supports classroom teachers and students through our in-school rediency program. Neighborhood Bridges (developed by The Children’s Theatre of Minneapolis) turns classrooms into storytelling spaces where teachers can use stories stories to rejuvenate their practice, and where young people are empowered to become the storytellers of their own lives.

This nationally-recognized literacy program uses storytelling and creative drama to help students develop their critical literacy skills and to transform into the storytellers of their own lives. Our skilled teaching artists animate learning and transform classrooms into communities where students think independently and work collectively. The emphasis of Neighborhood Bridges is on social and individual transformation. Our program helps young people explore conflicts and questions found in today’s diverse, changing society. It challenges young people to identify the roots of social problems, examine their own feelings, and propose solutions.

During the residency, students see an ASC production at the Vittum Theater. At the conclusion of the program, they will return to the Vittum Theater and take the stage themselves to perform their own original work for other residency classrooms. Our program also provides in-classroom professional development for teachers. This hands-on experience in creative drama & critical literacy discussion directly supports the work done in the classroom. This co-teaching model is an innovative way to rethink PD for teachers. With each partnership, schools receive Common Core-aligned residency hours with a professional teaching artist. Supporting materials such as learning guides, prompt books, lesson plans, and supplies are also provided.

Contact Tom Avertis to bring Neighborhood Bridges to your classroom.

Students’ Thoughts

Take a look at what students have to say about Neighborhood Bridges

In other subjects we focus more on getting things right but here we focus on making mistakes and working on them.

It’s like you have fun while you learn new stuff. Also, I think me having fun helped me learn more.

[I learned that] I was braver than I thought I was.

[I learned that] I don’t have to be scared and I can speak louder with a clear voice.

I can use all my imagination to write funny, dramatic, and sad stories.

Awesome. Fun. Exciting.

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