Current Season

Akeelah and the Bee

October 27 – November 25, 2017
After discovering her special talent, Akeelah dreams of winning the national spelling bee. With the support of her teacher and her friends, she fights to overcome every obstacle and make it to the top. Adapted to the stage and set in Chicago, Akeelah and the Bee is a testament to community and determination in the face of social, cultural, and economic hardship.

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The Ceiba Network (a working title)

March 31 – May 5, 2018
Twins Honey and Blanca—sunny, West Coast natives—are fish out of water in Chicago, having been dumped at their reluctant abuela’s house by their Anglo mom. Banished to the alley to finish their chores, the sisters encounter a magical tree hiding strange objects and guiding them into the Ceiba Network, an online game with real world consequences. Our twin heroes face increasing challenges as they fight to level up, trekking through a mysterious underworld where they discover their Guatemalan heritage and their true origins. A wildly imaginative reinvention of the Mayan creation myths of The Popol Vuh, this original play connects mythology, history, heritage, and the digital world.

Storytelling Festival for Youth

February, 2018
This winter, we'll host a first-of-its-kind storytelling festival in which tellers of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences will be invited to share stories in response to our theme. We'll even have an open mic for you to share your own story!

Trailblazers Spring Premiere

Spring 2018
Join our ensemble of young artists and professional mentors as they present their 5th mainstage premiere. Since 2011, ASC’s Trailblazers mentorship program has inspired young people to lead the creative process, devising original work inspired by pressing issues in their everyday lives.  Previous productions have touched upon bullying, technology, terminal illness, mental health and healing, media, and gun violence. Youth and mentors collaborate on all aspects of the show, from performance to production roles.

Special Events

To help us create and tell heroic stories for youth, ASC and its Auxiliary Board  host a variety of events throughout the year, both on and off the stage.
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Participatory Arts

As a participatory arts company, ASC productions feature multiple options for audience engagement. First, each production is presented with Spanish supertitles. Additionally, we frame each performance with a Curtain Conversation, asking audiences to keep a question in mind as they watch the play and return to it after the show; our lobby transforms into an interactive installation (pictured above); and Learning Guides, including show context and arts-integrated activities, are available for teachers and parents.

Audience Services

Youth (14 or younger): $12
Adults: $17
Groups (10 or more): $10 per ticket

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Tickets can be purchased online, in person, or by calling 773-342-4141.
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