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Theatre for Children & Young Audiences | Chicago, Illinois

What the critics are saying:

“Parents and teachers looking for quality arts education, look no further. Adventure Stage is well worth your time.”
-Chicago Theatre Beat

“Adventure Stage Chicago bills itself as the premier Chicago theater for audiences ages 8–14, and with each new production, it’s not difficult to see why.”
-Time Out Chicago

“Awe-inspiring theater. Highly recommended.”
-Chicago Sun-Times

“Go—let your kid escape the ordinary; let them get transported into a quirky, slightly dangerous and completely magical place, if just for a little while. It’s a trip worth taking.”
-Time Out Chicago

“What I’ve always appreciated about Adventure Stage Chicago is its utter lack of pandering. Parents and teachers looking for quality arts education, look no further. Adventure Stage is well worth your time.”
-Chicago Theater Beat

“[ASC] always does a wonderful, colorful, entertaining and educating job with its productions. It manages to educate kids about theater without spoiling any of the magic. I recommend highly.”
-Chicago Parent

“A perfect afternoon of family entertainment…well worth your time and money.”

“A way for kids to learn life’s important lessons, fall in love with theater and have a great time.”

“Adventure Stage is the introduction to theater I wish all children could have.”

“Thoughtful, imaginative…first rate acting, directing and design…really extraordinary.”
-Kelly Kleiman, WBEZ’s Eight Forty-Eight

“One of the top things to do in Chicago!”
– Chicago Traveler

What OUR AUDIENCE IS saying:

“I try to see every show ASC does because they are always exceptionally done. ASC is doing something in theatre that I really don’t see anywhere else in Chicago–stories for ages 9 and up that are thoughtful and intelligent with top-notch production values. I wouldn’t want to miss a show and always look forward to the next one.”

“We adults especially appreciated that the performance was entertaining and educational for us as well. We wish you all the success you can handle!!”

“The highest quality children’s theater I’ve ever seen! Fantastic!”

“I love the shows and the experiences I have had here. Thank you.”

“My kids and I loved it. It was as engaging for me (the dad) as it was for them!”

“The curtain conversation was a very novel way to get the audience involved. Great atmosphere. Very entertaining!”

“Great fun that inspires one to be excited to see the world, have adventures, help others and love!”

“I’m thrilled to have discovered Adventure Stage and I’m looking forward to attending future productions. In fact, that leads me to my one and only criticism–you don’t have nearly enough productions on your upcoming calendar!”

What teachers are saying:

“ASC produces the highest quality plays available for students in the city of Chicago.”
-Jennifer Bowman / Vaughn Occupational High School

“This was an AMAZING experience. It was so wonderful for students to be exposed to the theatre and take them out of their realities to open their minds and hearts.”
-Ms. Riedle / Andersen Elementary 8th Grade

“A great experience. Students and parents raved about it!”
-Adalid E. Martinez, 4th Grade Teacher, Carson Elementary School

“I loved the performance! It was very entertaining and kept the students’ attention for the entire time. I also enjoyed the pre- and post-play discussions! Keep up the great work!”
-Jasmin Bankes / Jenner Academy 5th Grade

“A week later my class is still talking about the play. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you!”
-Chris Berglind / Lee Elementary

“Outstanding production. Our kids were very moved by the performances. Only positive responses to the experience!”
-Susan Lesher / University of Chicago Lab School 5th Grade

“Outstanding performance and a truly engaging experience for all. Thank you!”
-Maggie Burke / Ebinger School 6th, 7th, 8th Grades

“The performance certainly left a positive impression on the students about attending and appreciating live performances! They are also more likely to pursue the reading of plays and novels upon which plays are based. The entire experience was extremely worthwhile, leaving a lasting, motivating impact.”
-Mary Vujic / James Ward Elementary 6th, 7th, 8th Grades

“Trust and a better sense of student community were developed through exploring the show and its themes. My students loved the show!!”
-Roxanne Roth / Gladstone School 7th Grade

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